Inside Drinks Magazine: Issue 1

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In this issue we speak to three cider producers about their marketing strategies, which are currently being put in effect to win over British consumers this summer. Although juices and smoothies experienced a rocky time in 2011 we report on their contribution to the steady growth of the total soft drinks market.

We speak to Canadean about the European soft drinks market to analyse the winners and losers and what we can expect from the rest of 2012. We also discuss the renaissance of gin and investigate how operators are making the most of gin o’ clock with new, innovative concoctions.

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In this issue

European Market Outlook: Soft Drinks
In the midst of the eurozone crisis, the European soft drinks market has so far seen slow growth this year. Elisabeth Fischer asks Kate Wratten, European business consultant at Canadean, about the winners and losers, and what we can expect for the second half of 2012.
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Juiced Up
Juices and smoothies had mixed fortunes in 2011, but have contributed to the steady growth of the total soft drinks market and offer canny caterers an extra stream of revenue.
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Great Brews
Hot beverages are a valuable asset to cost sector caterers but higher prices of core ingredients mean operators have to balance quality with value for money to be profitable.
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A Taste of Summer
In a highly competitive market, cider producers are bringing out the big guns to win over British consumers this summer. Elisabeth Fischer asks leading brands about their latest marketing campaigns.
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Gin o’ Clock
There has been something of a renaissance when it comes to gin and restaurants are doing some innovative and exciting things. Fiona Griffiths spoke to the operators making the most of gin o’ clock.
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Focus on Cask Ale
Cask ale has been steadily improving its performance in recent years. We review date gathered by the latest Cask Report to gain insight on a market that is heading back towards growth, but still facing many challenges.
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Top Packaging Innovations
Through smart design and technological advances, drinks packagers are improving shelf-life, sustainability and more. We explore some of the most promising developments that have been pushing the bottle packaging industry forward.
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Next issue preview

The discovery of carbendazim in imported citrus products has reignited the debate over pesticide safety. We get the juice on the controversy to find out if the benefits of using such chemicals in large-scale production can outweigh the potential risks to public health.

We also explore the golden rules for operators to turn cocktails into big business, and find out how the right sourcing strategy can help British pubs and restaurants to boost profits with a colourful range of home-grown drinks.

Taking a look behind industry facts and figures, we review key trends and drivers in the Latin American soft drinks market, and explore the state of the US wine industry.

The next issue will be out on 18 October.

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