Tapestry Brewing and Pie Minister has teamed up with a waste-management company, GENeco, to release a limited edition ‘Pie-oneer – pastry pale ale’, in a process using pie crust trimmings as a solution to eliminate waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Brewing a beer using pie pastry to contribute to carbon neutrality is stated to be the first of its kind. This launch demonstrates how a company can take an imaginative and fun approach to promoting their sustainability actions through integrating a popular British meal into a beer brand.

In addition to GENeco removing carbon from the beer production, Tapestry Brewery use water-efficient methods (reusing and recycling water in its brewery) and GENeco utilises its zero-emission fleet to transport the beers to Pieminister’s Bristol restaurants to ensure an active approach to protecting the environment across the process.

This not only targets the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers but also consumers seeking to experiment with authenticity. According to GlobalData’s Q4-2021 consumer survey, two in five (41%)* UK consumers are influenced by how authentic or true to tradition a product is, showing this to be a key consideration when making purchasing decisions, which will support sales of the limited-edition launch.

Sustainability is just one way that pies are being incorporated into the beer industry. Another pie-based beer product launched in the UK in 2021 was the ‘Let’s Eat Pies….’ pepper bitter from a McColl’s Brewery and ‘Men’s Pie Club’ collaboration. This launch targeted mental health and wellness trends in the UK, with £1 from each can being donated to the ‘Men’s Pie Club,’ which focuses on tackling social isolation. The club itself gives men the opportunity to meet at certain locations in the north-east of England and make their own pie while providing a safe space to talk about issues they may be experiencing.

Mental health is a growing issue in the UK that has been exacerbated since the beginning of the pandemic. This is highlighted by a recent GlobalData consumer survey (Q4-2021), which shows that 55% of men in the UK are slightly-to-extremely concerned with their mental well-being as a result of Covid-19. These partnerships between breweries and other businesses can be used to contribute to key socio-economic issues in the UK. The pie-based beer products highlight completely creative ways to connect with customers and growing consumer trends.

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