Covid-19 has altered lives in many ways and has resulted in changes in how consumers go about doing things in their daily lives, be it their morning coffee routine or family celebrations at home.

The impact on consumer behaviour cannot be understated. Consumers are spending more time at home and this has hit food service hard. But retailer Asda, is finding a way to bring food service into the home, the latest being with their partnership with Costa Coffee.

Asda is providing online customers the chance to ‘recreate their Costa Coffee moments at home’ with a dedicated page on its website allowing customers to buy from a selection of Costa Coffee packs, Asda own brand milks, Monin syrups and Truvia sweeteners, as well as from a range of coffee machines. The Costa hub has been launched a month after All About Food and Asda launched a similar page for customers to ‘bring the restaurant home’ and buy all the ingredients needed to recreate meals from Nando’s, Pizza Express and Red’s True Barbecue

As per GlobalData’s Covid-19 recovery tracker survey, in week 3, more than a quarter of UK consumers (28%) agree that they intend to spend more time than before in cooking and preparing food at home which means they will be keen to look for ingredients to recreate their favourite recipes from scratch and offering them same ingredients and retail products together as a bundle will definitely prove to be convenient and will help enhance their experience.

There are many ways brands are trying to capitalise the home cooking trend, from sharing their secret recipes to launching their retail product line in supermarkets so consumers can recreate their experiences and still continue to enjoy their favourite brands. It also helps to maintain some sort of normalcy in consumer’s lives as they struggle to get back to the new routines and environment.

Even as most restaurants and cafes are planning to reopen, consumers will be cautious in venturing out due to fear of resurgence of new cases which means they will prefer continuing with their new habits formed during the lockdown period.

As restaurants, pubs and cafes are slowly reopening, consumers are cautious out of fear of a resurgence of cases. So if they know that at home they can replicate the experience of their favourite pizza or chicken meal, why take the risk?

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