White wine is a good health drink and offers varied health benefits, according to a recent study by Bel Marra Health, an Ontario-based company that offers specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The study to test the benefits of white wine on health was conducted by Dr Agostini and team, where they examined components of five grape varieties.

They analyzed the grape seeds hoping that the seeds may represent corollary values in grape berries produced by each plant.

Scientists performed biotechnological-grade extraction of fluid on these seeds and found out that different grape varieties have different possibilities of generating good health.

The test also determined the effects of different calorie grape varieties on regular diet.

By using comparative analysis of specific macromolecules that play a role in good health, Dr Agostini and group showed that white wine possessed a higher amount of alpha-tocopherol or vitamin E as compared to various types of red wine.

Bel Marra Health spokesperson Dr Victor Marchione said it is important to understand that vitamin E is generally derived from a diet containing fruits and nuts, although their levels may be lower than that observed in white wine.

"It is also possible to receive sufficient amounts of vitamin E from a diet if it significantly contains large amounts of nuts. Vitamin E has been reported to play an essential role in good health," Marchione added.

Bel Marra Health CEO Jim Chiang said the findings of the study have shown that including white wine in the regular diet may possibly help promote good health.

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