Wineries in the US are increasingly choosing VinWizard tank temperature control system for power savings.

The VinWizard system is supplied and supported by Robert Dehoney of Engineered Mechanical Systems (EMS) in the US.

The system slightly overchills selected tanks during off-peak hours and then automatically raises target setpoints during peak daytime hours.

Energy is stored in the wine tanks in the form of cooler wine at a time when ambient temperature is lower, so the refrigeration plant operates more efficiently (KW/Ton).

Wine Technology International managing director Bob Richards said load scheduling is just one of several modules they offer.

Wine Technology International’s Bob Richards said that when VinWizard is fully used power savings from 35-50% will be realized.

Till date, over 160 wineries have installed the VinWizard system worldwide.

St Clair Family Estate in New Zealand has 260 tanks that are controlled by VinWizard.

Senior winemaker Hamish Clark said the winery is able to save $24,000 annually using the system.

"Taking advantage of cheaper night power rates, we’re saving just over 2 Cents/KWh. While this may not sound like a lot it adds up quickly," Clark said.

VinWizard load scheduling has allowed St Hallets in Australia to shift power consumption from the hot day hours to the cooler evening hours.