R&D/Leverage, a US-based company that brings consumer research, industrial design and prototyping to manufacturing and validation, has helped Stacked Wines expand its business nationally through an innovative wine packaging design and tooling.

Stacked Wines co-founder Matt Zimmer had sought for a portable and recyclable packaging solution for its wines and came up with a practical, easily-stored four-pack of stem-less wine glasses that stand vertically to form a full 750ml bottle of wine.

This compact and stacked format allowed 30% more truckloads than other format options.

Zimmer said as a start-up, with limited capital and a new concept, they needed to get into production fast and have the design and tooling right – the first time.

"R&D/Leverage proved to be a great partner to work with, and they delivered on all counts," Zimmer added.

According to R&D/Leverage project engineer Jeff Beason, the team took the customer’s initial product sketches and delivered a design with the snap-together feature that was the key to enhanced consumer and trade functionality.

Zimmer said the wine industry is moving towards alternative packaging solutions, with the acceptance of bag-in-box, aseptic packs, cans, screw caps and more.

"Thanks to the technical support of R&D/Leverage, we commercialized a breakthrough concept loaded with consumer and trade appeal," Zimmer added.

"Regional sales volumes have validated our vision. As a result, we will continue to expand distribution and, in time, become a national brand."

Image: Each individual serving of the stacked wine would resemble a real glass of wine. Source: R&D/Leverage