The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission has approved the plans to make beer using recycled sewage water.

Oregon’s Clean Water Services has launched a project to recycle sewage water that can now be used by homebrewers to make beer, reports Time.

By using an advanced treatment process at its its Forest Grove plant, Clean Water Services can turn sewage into drinking water, whose quality will further be certified by the Oregon Health Authority.

The utility will supply the treated water to Oregon Brew Crew, which will produce small batches of beer, which would in turn be served at conferences and other private events.

Clean Water Services will initially produce around 500 gallons of purified water, which will later become 130-260 gallons of beer.

Sources say that the beer would not be available for commercial use right now.

Oregon Brew Crew president Lee Hedgmon was quoted by as saying: "I’m trying to think of a really cool recipe. When they told us 100 percent we’re like oh man, first the names than the recipe comes later. And I’m excited".

Oregon has already allowed recycled wastewater to be utilised for crops and industrial processes, but this is the first time the state has approved it for human consumption.