The Napa County Planning Commission (NCPC) has approved Sinegal Estate’s proposal to expand its production by over 45,000gal.

The approval comes amidst concerns that more grapes will be sourced for the expanded production and more usage of water at the winery and vineyard.

NCPC commissioners were quoted by Napa Valley Register as saying that the concern is not new to them and they would deal with the issues on a broader policy level than hold up the application.

The winery, which is allowed to produce 13,200gal of wine, can now expand that to 60,000gal.

Located on Inglewood Avenue near south of St. Helena, Napa Valley in California, the winery sits on a 30-acre property purchased by Sinegal Estate owner David Sinegal for approximately $20m.

Sinegal Estate winemaker Tony Biagi said the winery plans to slowly roll out its production expansion over the next decade, and supplied a report on potential grapegrowers that could supply fruit, ensuring the wine complies with the county’s 75% rule.

Sinegal said that he intends to produce wine using entirely Napa grapes, not just the 75% minimum required by the county’s Winery Definition Ordinance.

"I’m very committed to doing all of these things in the right way," he added.

According to a water-availability analysis, the Sinegal Estate’s water usage will increase to 16.3 acre-ft from the current 14.6 acre-ft.