Management Science Associates (MSA), a diversified information management company, has launched its updated version of NeoCore [email protected] with daily, invoice-level shipment processing capabilities for beverage industry.

This daily data processing is a part of MSA’s commitment to improve its Reseller Information Systems (RIS) product for faster delivery of information to suppliers and their trading partners.

Established in 1993, the NeoCore [email protected] feature of RIS allows companies to manage their weekly and daily SKU/store sequence-level shipments and retrieve timely data.

Back in 1993, the technology was able to help suppliers understand trade-program ROI based on store-level performance.

However, the current invoice-level platform, with features such as easy addition or removal of new fields, parameterization of error types and transactional-level processing of data, brings new flexibility in the areas of distributor input formats.

The platform also allows viewing the supplier and distributor data status simultaneously through the MSA’s 24/7 DIY (Do It Yourself) Dataservices Portal, thereby reducing the inquiry related hurdles between field sales and corporate.

The current all-in-one platform is standards-based with relational and multi-dimensional database deliverables such as distributor shipments, manufacturer shipments, syndicated and store-level scan data and audit and call-frequency information.

MSA IT vice president Karl Herleman said technologies for ‘big data’ have exploded over the last several years and can divert a company’s attention from the main goal of using information to make great decisions.

"C-level leaders understand that it’s best to rely on data management experts like MSA to do the heavy lifting on their large data sets," Herleman added.