New Jersey-based wine retailer Moore Brothers has launched a new service using which customers can use the QR codes that show up on printed advertisements on wine bottles to receive food pairing recommendations, videos of winemakers and tasting notes, all through its website.

To avail the facilities, customers need to take the purchased wine bottle to a local BYOB, scan the attached QR code with smartphone or iPad and receive all the updated information.

Moore Brothers chief technology officer David Moore said over the years they have found that contextual, background information on the various wine regions has been very helpful in connecting customers to their wines.

"To achieve this, we’ve developed in-depth, proprietary information on the history of ‘Old World’ wine regions, food-pairing recommendations, and have even developed our own maps to make it all more understandable," Moore said.

For 16 years, the company has been providing small-production, traditional ‘Old World’ wines to over 60,000 customers through its three locations at Pennsauken, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware and New York City.

Moore said they have presented all of their customers with printed tasting notes that included not only a note about each specific wine they have purchased, but also background information on the region and winegrower.

"Recently we figured out how to ‘codify’ food-pairing recommendations for each region and translate that into something a U.S. customer is likely to find in their local food markets.

"Now, by leveraging all of our proprietary data and software, we’re able to provide these recommendations to customers when they’re not in the store, or don’t have one of our printed ‘tasting notes’ handy.

"Every wine is now labeled with a QR code that takes a customer to our web-based tasting note, which includes all of the information we’ve ever generated, and in many cases include on-location video interviews with the winegrowers."