Kuhnhenn Brewing, a Michigan-based small microbrewery, winery and meadery, is expanding the distribution of its Kuhnhenn brand beers in the state through three new distributors – Eastown Distributors, O&W Distributing and Dan Henry Distributing.

The expansion is part of the brewery’s plans to open its 20,000bbl capacity production plant in Clinton, Michigan, which is scheduled to open along with a public house in March 2014, while distribution is scheduled to begin in late April 2014.

Highland Park-based Eastown Distributors will handle Kuhnhenn brand in Wayne County including Detroit, Grosse Pointes and Downriver communities.

Ypsilanti-based O&W Distributing will distribute Kuhnhenn throughout seven counties, including Ann Arbor, Jackson, Monroe and Plymouth.

O&W marketing vice president Kit Morgeson said they are excited and honoured to be distributing Kuhnhenn Brewing Company within their market area.

"They have built a solid reputation creating dynamic, quality beers, it will be gratifying to help them grow the brewery and bring our customers delicious beers created right here in Southeast Michigan," Morgeson added.

Dan Henry Distributing will hold the rights to distribute Kuhnhenn brand in four county regions including East Lansing and Howell.

Kuhnhenn Brewing marketing and sales director Jon Piepenbrok said they are in the unique position of having strong brand awareness, despite extremely limited distribution and production over the last 12 years.

"Despite all the calls, emails and personal visits from distributors in other states, our main focus is Michigan. We have chosen wholesale partners that mirror our core values and can adapt to the changing market conditions in the field of craft beer. We will go out of state, but not until Michigan is at least close to satisfied," Piepenbrok added.