Botanical Therapeutics company Herborium Group has joined hands with Kamasutra USA, a partner of the German Bismarck Premium Brands, to commercialize its natural herbs Kamastura Ginseng & Vodka.

Kamastura Ginseng & Vodka carries notes of distinct taste derived from the arousing essence in ginseng roots.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has approved the vodka formula, label and packaging.

Vodka has a market of $4.8bn per annum in the US.

Both the companies look to offer the Kamastura Ginseng & Vodka to those consumers who look for an alternative to traditional vodka.

The US version of the product will contain Herborium proprietary herbal formula derived from the company’s sexual health formulations know-how.

The deal will allow Herborium to receive revenue and licensing fees on sale of each 750ml bottle of the product as well as vodka promotional materials, besides providing exposure and promotional opportunity to its proprietary sexual health Botanical Therapeutics.

Kamasutra USA CEO Tom Wilen said as CEO of the company, he looks forward to partner with Agnes Olszewski and Herborium Group as he sees the combined efforts behind Kamasutra and all that it stands for a business opportunity, while also a validation of how the experiences of two successful careers in two diverse categories, alcoholic beverages and herbal products when intimately combined, result in something even better for the benefit of satisfying a market desire that the companies have identified from their separate strategic viewpoints.

Herborium chairman and CEO Agnes Olszewski said he believes that this is a great opportunity for Herborium to extend the reach of its herbal know-how to another sector while supporting commercialization of their sexual health products and growing our revenues and brand recognition.

"We are lucky to partner with such high profile companies as Kamasutra (USA) LLC and Bismarck Premium Brands GmbH, and to benefit from an enormous industry experience represented by Tom Wilen," Olszewski added.

Herborium has developed Lasting Pleasure as an alternative to Viagra for women consumers.