Helm’s Brewing, a San Diego-based producer of craft beer, has increased its brewing capacity from 750 barrels per year to more than 2,000 barrels per year.

The recent installation of two 30-barrel fermenters has allowed the brewery to more than double its production capacity.

Since its opening in November 2012, it is the second expansion for the the brewery. The first expansion that took place in November 2013 saw an addition of a 15-barrel fermenter.

Helm’s Brewing general manager Matt Johnson said this expansion is a great opportunity for them to keep up with the demand of Helm’s beer in San Diego, and will also give them the opportunity to expand their product to all of Southern California.

"This expansion will allow us to produce more than double what we were manufacturing before," added Johnson.

The addition of two new fermenters coincides with Helm’s Brewing’s recent signing with Statewide Distribution and the launch of 22oz bottles in retail locations such as BevMo.

Helm’s Brewing produces beers such as Hop the RIPA, Wicked as Sin, Batten Down Brown, Captains Pale Ale, Goosefoot Ginger, Beeruccino and others.

All the beers are made with quality equipment, best recipes and techniques, ensuring a clean, refreshing and distinguished beer taste.

The brewery self distributes its kegs and bottles in San Diego, California.