Got Rum, a publication that focuses solely on rum and owned by Rum Runner Press, has launched its new and improved website

According to the company, recent surveys revealed that many readers urged for changes in the site like posting new content once a month and ability to share articles on social networking sites, which forced them to update the site.

The new site features banner advertising options solely for rum industry, facebook-friendly interface to like, review or rate stories, section for posting comments and questions on articles, RSS feeds, improved subscription service, new rum event calendar, enhanced site search and more.

The company further plans to include features like article sharing through LinkedIn, classified ads system for posting jobs related to rum, rum production equipment and its related services, multi-language interface and content and advertising options for mobile devices.

Got Rum Magazine editor and publisher Luis Ayala said once in every few years they have to update the site to share rum related information with their readers.

"Rum-making is a time-honored process, full of traditions. But how we share these traditions with people has to evolve to keep up with their changing habits," Ayala added.

The website also features sections like Shop, where customers can purchase bottles of rum; The Rum Lab, where reader can learn how to make rums; Rum in History, where users can know about the history of rum and its industry; section where latest news of rum industry and rum related events are posted and all other information related to rum.