Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education (FARE), an Australia-based alcohol research and education body, has proposed a ten Point Plan to New South Wales (NSW) Premier Barry O’Farrell to combat with the alcohol-related harms in the state.

The proposed plan is a result of NSW Government’s plea to introduce new restriction to handle alcohol-related violence in Kings Cross and also due to the number of people being affected by alcohol-related violence which stands at 34% in NSW.

According to FARE, the easy availability and oversupply of alcohol in the state must be addressed strictly, as it seems to be the primary reason for the cause.

Also, the plan states that a new ‘user pays’ model should be implemented within the state that would impose licensing fees on late night licenced premises as a contribution towards cost of alcohol-related harms.

The plan also proposes that communities be given greater say on the availability of alcohol in their community and also calls for introduction of appropriate transport and crowd management options in high density areas.

FARE chief executive Michael Thorn said while the issue of alcohol-fuelled violence is a complex problem it is not insurmountable and called on the Premier to work with alcohol policy experts.

"FARE’s 10 Point Plan to Reduce Alcohol Harms in NSW represents a complete solution for the people and communities of NSW and I stand ready and willing to offer FARE’s assistance to the Premier," Thorn said.