Located at the 600 acre Rathfinny Estate, in East Sussex on the South Downs, the winery is claimed to be the country’s largest and most environmentally friendly winery, reported greenbuildingpress.

Rathfinny founder Mark Driver said that care has been taken in designing every aspect of the construction to produce quality sparkling wine.
"We have taken an uncompromising approach to ensure that it will be one of the most high-tech and environmentally friendly wineries in the world."

The winery, designed by local architect Martin Swatton, is claimed to be featuring sustainable design techniques and innovative low carbon technologies such as 50kW of photovoltaic generation facility, among various other construction innovations.

Usage of locally sourced English oak for cladding of the building, English sweet chestnut for decking, finger joints for cutting process, aluminium-timber window frames, off-site pre-fabrication of elements, a waste-water treatment plant are some of the features that are expected to make the winery greenest.

In addition to all these, wall heights and floor levels are designed with gravity grape pressing technique, which will utilise the site’s natural slope for loading grapes at a high level and collect juices from the below.

Commenting on the design Swottan said, "The winery will be built to demanding standards to ensure it complements the beauty of the South Downs National Park while at the same time allowing for the production of the finest quality wines."

The first 50 acres of vines were planted in April 2012, while the first wines are expected to be sold in early 2014, the website reported.