Coca - Cola bottling line

Global beverage firm Coca-Cola has opened a new €22m bottling line in Ploiesti, Romania, in a move to expand the presence of Cappy Pulpy Orange juice drink in Eastern and Central Europe.

The Cappy Pulpy Orange juice drink features fruit juice and fruit pulp chunks, which requires an advanced production line to separately transport the liquid and fruit pulp parts of the drink, the company claims.

According to the company, the juice and pulp are mixed at a rate of 36,000 bottles per hour.

Commenting on the development, Coca-Cola chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent said that the new Cappy Pulpy bottling line is yet another example of the Coca-Cola system’s commitment to exciting innovation that meets consumers’ needs.

Coca-Cola HBC Romania bottles Coca-Cola products in the country. It distributes the products through a network of 20 warehouses and distribution centers to about 64,000 customers.

Coca-Cola HBC CEO Dimitris Lois said, "Our bottling plant in Ploiesti, the largest in South-Eastern Europe, is, for Coca-Cola HBC, a real center of investment and technical innovations."

The company manufactures and markets nonalcoholic beverages worldwide It primarily offers sparkling beverages and still beverages. It employs more than 1,800 people in Romania.

Image: The Coca-Cola along with Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta inaugurated new €22m bottling line for Cappy Pulpy Orange juice drink in Romania. Photo: Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company.