US-based Aridus Wine has constructed the first large-scale custom crush facility in Willcox, Arizona, which is believed to facilitate the complete wine making process, from grapes to bottled wine.

The crush facility, which has been built within the 40 acres of land in the Turkey Creek area bought by Aridus for vineyards, comprises an outdoor crush pad, indoor fermentation room, storage and bottling facilities, reported

Commenting on the facility, owner of Carlson Creek Vineyards in Willcox region Bob Carlson, said, "With over 12 vineyards and 800 acres of producing vines, the Willcox area produces the majority of wine grapes in Arizona. This facility close to the vines will make the wine even better."

Italian equipment comprising Diemme and Milani sorting, destemming and crush machine is part of the facility which is expected to process half-ton macro bins of grapes to make white, rose or red wines.

Glycol jacketed stainless steel tanks of range 500 to 4,000 gallons are set up to monitor temperatures within the indoor fermentation room.

A couple of pump-overs are also installed to ferment the grapes evenly before pressing and aging in the barrel room, which is controlled by temperature and humidity.

Aridus Wine co-owner Joan Dahmer told the website that the GAI bottling equipment has the capacity to bottle 1200 cases per day and uses three sizes of bottles, labels them and provide closure in form of either screw, cork or synthetic cork.