Measurement and analysis instruments developer Anton Paar has launched Carbo 520 Optical, a new process CO2 sensor for beverage production.

The maintenance-free and hygienic sensor is based on the spectroscopic approach of the company’s optical measuring principle called attenuated total reflection (ATR).

It provides linear, drift-free CO2 readings over the entire measurement range from 0g/l to 12g/l throughout the beverage production process as carbonation is a vital element to the taste and freshness of a beverage.

Conventionally, beverage producers measure concentration of dissolved CO2 continuously and directly inline and in some cases the method may give false results such as the influence of foreign gases like oxygen or nitrogen, as well as beverages’ individual colour, turbidity, solubility and sugar composition.

The inline CO2 sensor is can be installed directly inline and in constant contact with the processed sample. Since it has no moving or mechanical parts, there is no wear and tear and no disposables are required.

As the sensor measures specific wavelengths of light absorbed by CO2 molecules, the measurement is not affected by other gases in the sample. Moreover, the measurement is performed at the surface layer of a sample.

Furthermore, the sebsor’s users can apply the same measurement method to determine the CO2 content of colas, beers, wines or other beverages.

The sensor, which comes in different versions, is claimed to significantly lower operating costs, while ensuring smooth production runs due to its high measurement speed and energy efficiency. It can be combined with an mPDS 5 evaluation unit, an operating terminal or a remote operating terminal placed up to 250 metres away from the sensor.