True Citrus has expanded its clean-label water mixes portfolio with the launch of the True Lemon Fruit Infusions range.

The release comprises Lemon Strawberry, Lemon Raspberry, Lemon Mint and Lemon Cucumber variants.

True Citrus CEO Robert Cuddihy said: “We believe that the foundation of a healthy, happy lifestyle lies in good hydration, so we’re always innovating new ‘hydration helpers’ to make plain water more exciting and help our customers feel their best.

“We are very excited about Fruit Infusions because the taste is exceptional, there’s nothing like them on the market, and they give our customers another way to flavour their water deliciously.”

The company claims that each flavour offers a subtle and refreshing taste of homemade fruit-infused water. The products are available as a ‘flavour stick’, which can be added to 16oz of water on-the-go.

The products are claimed to be suitable for health-conscious consumers, as they contain real fruit and no artificial sweeteners. They are made from patented formulas that are free from preservatives, sodium and gluten.

True Lemon Fruit Infusions will join the other True Citrus family of products, which include zero-calorie True Lemon and True Lime, unsweetened crystallised wedge replacements, and low-calorie True Lemon Lemonades and True Lime Limeades.

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True Lemon Fruit Infusions are available for purchase online on the company’s website for $3.99 per ten-pack. They will be sold for a limited time period.

Other True Citrus products are available at more than 35,000 stores, including Walmart, Kroger, Target, Safeway, Publix, HEB, Wegmans and Food Lion.