US-based low-acid coffee company trücup has partnered with coffee roaster Farmer Brothers, as part of which the latter will be responsible for increasing trücup’s footprint across the US.

Farmer Brothers will reach out to new businesses, restaurants and foodservice industries to increase trücup’s national distribution.

trücup co-founding partner Andy Gomes said: “This partnership will bring trücup’s low-acid coffee to market to an entirely new audience.

“The unique processing of our coffee beans means that trücup can be easier on the stomach but it is also smooth, easy to drink and delicious.”

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trücup offers a third category of coffee, which uses a patented water and steam process to reduce acid.

The company claims that its light roast is less acidic than other national brands.

Farmer Brothers Direct Ship senior vice-president and general manager Scott Siers said: “We are looking forward to a great partnership with trücup.

“Our goal is to distribute great coffee. With trücup low-acid coffee, we know we are bringing a unique, high-quality product to millions of Americans who have been skipping their daily cup of coffee because of stomach issues.”

Established in 1912, Farmer Brothers distributes coffee, tea and culinary products across the US market. Its product line includes coffee, hot and iced teas, cappuccino mixes and spices.

The company supplies its products to small independent restaurants, foodservice operators, convenience store chains and hotels, as well as casinos, healthcare facilities and gourmet coffee houses.

Five different flavours of trücup low-acid coffee including light, medium, bold, espresso and French are marketed and distributed nationally.

Consumers can purchase trücup low-acid coffee at the company’s website and from Amazon.