Canadian cannabis-infused drink manufacturer The Tinley Beverage Company unveils new flavours and packaging for its Hemplify brand.

The new flavours are lemon-lime and an updated mixed berry. The existing tropical flavour remains unchanged.

Hemplify is a sugar-free, vegan-friendly, drinkable supplement that contains hemp stalk extract.

Blended with terpenes and other phytoconstituents, each Hemplify product features between nine and 12 times the potassium electrolyte content of major sports drinks, 200mg of Omega 3, nine vitamin sources, which include 100% of a person’s daily allowance (DV) of Vitamin C, B12 and D.

“Hemplify is a sugar-free, vegan-friendly, drinkable supplement that contains hemp stalk extract.”

The product’s packaging labels have also been redesigned. This is in response to Hemplify now being stocked in premium grocery and natural food stores rather than purely smoke shops.

The Tinley Beverage Company are undertaking the replacement of old Hemplify products with the new flavours and packaging in its 100 stores across Southern California.

In order for customers to sample the updated products, the company plans to resume its in-store demo programme alongside the launch of an integrated marketing programme for its upcoming Tinley ’27 cannabis products.

The company has also reopened its online store to enable customers across the US to place orders for the new Hemplify products.

Currently limited to the US, the firm plans to expand its global remit and sell its hemp extract products in Canada, as well as outside North America.

The Tinley Beverage Company’s other existing products include the Tinley Tonics Squeeze, which is a creamy supplement made from a blend of hemp extract, MCT oil and lactose-reduced whey protein.