Tinley Beverage Company, which makes terpene-infused spirits and cocktails, has announced the launch of its products at Harborside dispensaries in California, US, this week.

The company also expects to enhance daily usage of its Long Beach manufacturing facility throughout next month.

Its products that are non-infused continue to expand retail placements in California, Tennessee, Alberta, and Ontario.

Tinley Western USA president Rick Gillis said: “It’s exciting to see our bottling equipment operating so frequently.

“After a lengthy buildout, we are delighted to be attracting such a high caliber of third-party brands, and their sell through is proving to be strong.

“Together with the placement of our infused products in large dispensary chains and our non-infused products in an increasing number of states and provinces, we’re beyond excited to at long last see the Tinley vision come to life.”

Tinley noted that its products will be launched over the next one to two weeks in all four Harborside locations in Oakland, San Jose, San Leandro, and Desert Hot Springs.

Its beverages are currently offered in two of Northern California’s highest-volume retail groups.

At its cannabis beverage manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California, Tinley expects to include three additional third-party brands.

The new brands will be produced on its new canning line, which is now in the process of final commissioning.

Last March, Tinley Beverage Company’s 20,000ft² cannabis beverage bottling and distribution facility in Long Beach, California, US, passed its electrical inspections.

Tinley noted that the local utilities have now completed the installation of the transformer and electrical systems at the facility.