SipCozy has launched an alcohol-removed, hemp-infused wine sourced from the Central Coast of California.

The de-alcoholised grenache blend rosé hemp-infused wine combines the relaxation and potential wellness benefits of cannabis.

SipCozy claimed that the product does not produce the intoxicating effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or post-consumption effects of alcohol.

The company developed the grenache blend rosé SipCozy with assistance from winemaker Meredith Leahy.

After traditional fermentation, the rosé is de-alcoholised using technology by specialists at BevZero.

Later, 40mg of premium broad-spectrum hemp extract per bottle is infused into the product through the nanoemulsion process by technology company Vertosa.

The company claimed that the formula consists of non-detectable levels of THC using a limit of detection at 0.01mg / g.

The psychoactive substance THC in the product falls below the 0.3% standard level for industrial hemp.

SipCozy rosé can be used as a traditional wine and adult beverage alternative, as it has only 45 calories per 6oz serving.

Fragrant hints of floral, herbal and citrus make the product complementary for any occasion and pairs well with seafood, salads and pasta dishes.

The product is shelf-stable and sold online direct-to-consumer, available for purchase at $18 per bottle.

The company intends to establish its online brand presence and expand into retail stores in 2020.

SipCozy founder and owner Alex Klempf said: “Today’s busy lifestyles and growing list of responsibilities combined with society’s ever-growing demand for wellness show that there is a void in the current adult beverage market space.

“SipCozy was created as a new beverage option that women can easily enjoy every day, offering the potential benefits of hemp extract without the negative side effects of alcohol.

“SipCozy’s functional ingredients allow women to embrace a cosy state of mind no matter their environment, whether enjoying by yourself for a sense of clarity or shared with a group of girlfriends over a delicious meal.”