UK-based spirits company Quintessential Brands has released a new range of flavours for its Irish cream liqueur brand O’Mara’s.

Beginning this month, the new cream liqueur will be available in chocolate mint, chocolate orange and salted caramel flavours.

With 14.5% alcohol-by-volume (ABV), the new O’Mara’s range combines locally sourced dairy cream and melted chocolate. It was developed by brewers at First Ireland Spirits, which produces cream liqueurs and country creams.

The packaging of the new O’Mara’s Country Cream reflects the Irish roots of the brand and comes with a contemporary look.

Quintessential Brands further added that the launch will be supported by social media and press releases to drive consumer demand, while trade customers will benefit from the different point of sale (POS) materials.

“The new O’Mara’s range combines locally sourced dairy cream and melted chocolate.”

The O’Mara’s range will be available in a 700ml bottle, as well as a selection gift pack containing miniaturised versions of all four expressions.

Last month, Quintessential Brands unveiled a new signature packaging for its Greenall’s ready-to-serve (RTS) collection called the Perfect Mix.

The group owns manufacturing facilities across Europe, including G&J Distillers, L&L in France and First Ireland Spirits.

Scheduled to open this year, the new Dublin Liberties Distillery is part-owned by Stock Spirits.

Quintessential Brands is also engaged in contract bottling and own label / private label spirits.