US-based cannabis company Planet 13 Holdings has launched THC-infused flavoured sparkling water under beverage brand Elysium.

The low-calorie sparkling water range will be available in Valencia Orange, Persian Lime, Eureka Lemon, Wild Berry and Ruby Red Grapefruit flavours.

Planet 13 co-CEO Bob Groesbeck said: “Elysium marks our first step into the exciting THC beverage space. We’ve created and perfected a sparkling water beverage based on both customer demand and market trends.

“This low-calorie refreshing drink with zero added sugar was designed to be a fast-acting alternative without the guilt, the perfect micro-dosing beverage.”

The company claims that its beverage range has been produced using all-natural fruit flavourings and is a low-calorie drink with zero sugar.

In July, the company announced the addition of HaHa Gummies and Dreamland Chocolates to its growing in-house brand portfolio.

The company will produce HaHa Gummies and Dreamland Chocolates along with Medizin, TRENDI and Leaf & Vine in its 15,000ft² customer-facing production facility at the Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis Entertainment Complex.

Groesbeck added: “Our expanded production facility will enable us to increase production of our top selling TRENDI line and begin production of Elysium and our highly anticipated edibles lines Dreamland Chocolates and HaHa Gummies.

“Customers will be able to watch these brands being manufactured behind glass. Increased sales of inhouse brands will drive margin expansion and ultimately shareholder value.”

The company has cultivation and production operations in Las Vegas, US.