PepsiCo has announced plans to reduce sugar content by 25% in sodas and iced tea beverage portfolios across the EU by 2025.

By introducing products with less sugar content, the company aims to catch the attention of health-conscious consumers in the region.

Carbonated drinks makers have been urged to cut down sugar content, especially in Europe, where some countries have already started levying tax on soda beverages fruit juices and flavoured water with high sugar levels, to address obesity issues.

PepsiCo Europe CEO Silviu Popovici said: “Consumers want healthier and more sustainable brands, and they want products that taste great. Over the past decade, we’ve reformulated and launched new products to bring more options to consumers.

“As a result, in Europe today, almost one in three beverages we sell is sugar-free and we believe this trend will continue to grow over time. With this pledge, we can use our experience with sugar reduction to accelerate our shift to a healthier snacks portfolio.”

The move is a step up from UNESDA’s pledge recently to minimise added sugars by another 10% in soft drinks from 2019-2053 across the EU.

Under this initiative, the company plans to reduce 25% sugar by 2025 and 50% by the end of this decade in beverages like Pepsi-Cola, Lipton Ice Tea and 7UP, which are sold in the European market.

It plans to reformulate its products using low-calorie sweeteners.

In addition to sugar reduction, PepsiCo has announced that it will launch more nutritious snacks in Europe by 2025.

The company plans to launch its popcorn line PopWorks and also expand the footprint of its low-fat brands such as Lay’s Oven Baked range to new markets.