Canadian ready-to-drink (RTD) and flavoured malt beverage (FMB) brand Nude Beverages has launched its Nude Hard Iced Tea in the US.

Nude Hard Iced Tea is an American-style iced tea brewed with black tea, which has zero carbonation and no caffeine.

Last year, Nude Beverages launched its flagship product, Nude Hard Seltzer, in the US.

Nude Beverages found success with its iced tea launch in Canada in May 2019, paving way for US expansion.

Nude Beverages CEO and founder Julius Makarewicz said: “We tested over 500 formulations of the iced tea before landing on our final formula, and it’s that attention to detail that makes us a category leader.

“We saw that consumers were wanting more sugar-free options, and so we knew the next step was to bring Nude Hard Iced Tea to the U.S. We’re excited to introduce our American fans to a new line and expect even more expansion to come this year.”

Nude Hard Iced Tea comes in a matte gold can in three flavours, lemon, peach and raspberry.

All three flavours are available in a 12-pack with a price range of $15.99-$17.99.

Similarly to the other products in Nude Beverage’s lineup, Nude Hard Iced Tea is also sugar-free, sweetener-free and carb-free.

Nude’s product line comprises vodka soda, gin soda, hard iced tea, tequila soda and hard seltzer.

Since its launch in 2017, the company sold more than 85 million cans of Nude in the Canadian market.

Currently, Nude Hard Iced Tea is available in Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and will soon be available in the additional US states.

Nude Hard Iced Tea should be available across the US from 1 July.