Coffee processing company Nespresso has launched a new range of organic coffee, called Kahawa Ya Congo, to restore coffee agriculture in Congo.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), reeling under violence and war for decades, was one of the major exporters of coffee.

The outbreak of the civil war in late 1990 devastated the coffee industry, forcing many farmers to leave farming and abandon their crops.

Nespresso, through its unique Reviving Origins programme, intends to revive the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) coffee industry.

Founded last year, Nespresso’s programme focuses on coffee production regions that are under threat, aiming to revive it.

Nespresso CEO Guillaume Le Cunff said: “We are very proud to welcome Congo into our Reviving Origins program and we are committed to providing long term support that will help Congolese coffee farmers, and their communities, to rebuild their coffee industry and their local economies.”

For its programme, Nespresso will be working with the global non-profit TechnoServe, the US Agency for International Development and coffee trader Virunga Coffee / Olam International.

The company already started the implementation of its AAA Sustainable Quality Program in the Kivu provinces last year.

It is providing training and technical support to improve coffee quality and productivity with sustainable farming practices while increasing farmer’s income.

TechnoServe president and CEO William Warshauer said: “The coffee farmers we are working with have overcome incredible challenges over the years, and are determined to improve their coffee and in so doing, improve their lives.

“Through better agronomic and processing techniques, and the engagement of a reliable buyer like Nespresso, these farmers are already increasing their incomes and starting to build a better future for their families.”

In addition, Nespresso announced an investment of CHF1m ($1.09m) as part of its support for the revival of DRC’s coffee farming communities.