UK-based Lakes Distillery has expanded its gin portfolio with the addition of The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin variant.

The company noted that its new gin variant offers a citrus flavour.

With 46% alcohol by volume (ABV), Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin is said to offer Lakes Distillery’s classic London dry style gin with pink grapefruit notes.

For creating the variant, Lakes Distillery’s whisky maker Dhavall Gandhi is said to have used select botanicals and water from the Lake District National Park. These were gently distilled in a traditional copper pot still.

The company claims that its variant contains no added sugar, sweeteners, and is free of any garnish.

Dhavall said: “Inspired by my favourite Lakes G&T serve – which is garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit – we set out to make a new expression that will stand the test of time alongside our classic Lakes Gin.

“Following the philosophy of less is more, we explored different garnishes until we discovered the one which perfectly complements the balanced flavour profile of our juniper-forward gin.

“Ensuring we didn’t overpower the true nature of The Lakes Gin, we chose to enhance the vibrant notes of juniper and coriander with the naturally sweet, uplifting citrus flavour of pink grapefruit, making a lively new addition to our range that simply needs plenty of ice and tonic water to serve.”

Last October, Lakes Distillery launched its blended whisky variant, ‘The One Signature Blend’.