Taiwan-based distillery Kavalan, in partnership with artist Paul Chiang, has launched a limited-edition whisky series ‘Kavalan Artists Series’.

The new ‘Kavalan Artists Series’ comes as a package with four bottles designed with two silkscreen prints by Paul Chiang titled “Mountain Range of Taiwan” and “Pisilian”.

Puncheon, Virgin Oak, French Wine Cask and Peated Malt are the names of each bottle in the set, inspired by the natural elements Ocean, Air, Sunlight and Mother Earth.

Kavalan CEO YT Lee said: “Art, like whisky, has the power to stir deep emotion. But this takes decades of hard work and commitment to mastering your craft.

“Take ‘Puncheon’, which depicts the sea, sky, and stars. Paul painted this work after returning to Taiwan after 30 years, settling on the coast in Taitung. You can feel the euphoria of that time and the beauty of rediscovery.

“We want to bring together great art and our rarest whisky to connoisseurs an expression of the finest artistry. We are honoured to be collaborating with Paul on the inaugural edition.”

Kavalan noted that the distillery will release 198 collector sets, with four 700ml bottlings in each set.

Furthermore, a total of 4,000 one-litre individual bottles will be available for individual purchase.

Peated Malt is the Taiwanese whisky brand’s second shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR) whisky, following Solist Vinho Barrique.

In May, Kavalan expanded its offerings portfolio with the new entry-level range to capture the broad market.

Last January, Kavalan introduced a new triple-distilled gin with 40% alcohol-by-volume (ABV). Named Kavalan Gin, the beverage has been double-charcoal filtered and triple distilled in conventional stills.