Germany’s Julius Montz has launched a new business unit, Montz Food Processing, which will provide advanced technology to breweries and other beverage producers.

The company claims that its new technology will help them reach near 0% alcohol content in beer, wine, and cider.

Julius Montz managing director Christoph Ender said: “Our superior technology effectively removes alcohol in beverages like beer and wine, and reflects an important step in Montz’s growth within this key industry.

“For more than 30 years, we have worked with our customers to design and supply equipment for their dealcoholising needs and our experience in this market will help breweries produce a more valuable product.

“In addition, Montz is the technology leader in alcohol processing with more than 20 years’ experience of designing and constructing complete production plants for bioethanol, drinking and industrial alcohol.”

Montz Food Processing unit will supply its dealcoholising technology for removing alcohol content in beverages by collaborating with Koch Separation Solutions (KSS), a membrane and filtration technology provider.

Furthermore, the technology will allow brewers to produce quality products with lower operational costs, improving sustainability.

KES president Dave Dotson said: “The collaboration between Julius Montz and KSS, which offers brewers turnkey services with advanced solutions and technologies, reflects KES’s continuous innovation and will provide superior value to new and existing customers.

“Montz Food Processing’s full-service solutions will help customers in the alcoholic beverage industry create greater quality products while also realising more efficient operations, lower costs, and greater sustainability.”

Montz’s technology can also be applied to various other markets.