Grimbergen, which is known for its Belgian-style beers, has unveiled its new brewery inside the Grimbergen Abbey near Brussels, Belgium.

The new Abbey Brewery will serve as the innovation hub, which will combine nearly nine centuries of brewing traditions with new-world brewing techniques.

With the opening of the new brewery, beers will be brewed inside the walls of the abbey after 200 years.

Beer making was stopped at this location after the building was destroyed during the French Revolution.

As a mark of celebration, Grimbergen has released three new brews including Grimbergen Magnum Opus Brut Beer, Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple and Grimbergen Astrum Pale Ale.

The Abbey Brewery has been built in partnership between Grimbergen Abbey and Carlsberg Group.

Carlsberg Group is the global licensees of the Grimbergen beer brand.

Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ‘t Hart said: “It is a treat to be here at the beginning of Grimbergen’s next chapter and to experience what we believe will enrich the future of Belgian beer.

“Grimbergen is at the very heart of our growing portfolio of craft and speciality beer and it is contributing to the strong double-digit growth we’re seeing in the category.

“The new Abbey Brewery is an important step for us in continuing to develop our speciality brews to meet growing worldwide demand. We believe this beautiful Abbey Brewery will take us, and beer drinkers around the world, on an incredible journey of flavour discovery.”

Father Karel Stautemas, a provisor at the abbey, has joined the brewing team as the abbey brewer.

Father Karel said: “The new microbrewery is a place to reignite past traditions, just like our symbol the Pheonix we always have the strength to rise again, but to add fresh thinking too.

“We want to combine our experience, nearly nine centuries of it, with innovation in pursuit of the most delicious and unique new brews. I think that the microbrewery allows us to do that, to explore and experiment with styles and ingredients in a really exciting way.”

Father Karel will also support master brewer Marc-Antoine Sochon, who also worked towards bringing the new brewery to life.

Grimbergen Abbey Brewery also includes an on-site bar and restaurant. It also plans to open a Brewery Experience Centre later this year.