Covid-19: Molson Coors unveils measures to support employees

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Molson Coors Beverage Company has unveiled initiatives in order to support and protect its employees amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

As part of its initiatives, the company has indefinitely extended its work from home recommendation for employees and contractors involved in non-business-critical activities in North America.

It has also created a new voluntary paid leave programme for the whole of next month and can be availed by employees who are required to work on-site.

The company’s new thank you pay incentive is for brewery and Molson Coors distribution employees. It is available for both hourly and salaried employees who have to perform their work on site.

The new paid leave policy has been formed for those employees who have contracted the virus or are under forced self-quarantine.

Molson Coors president and CEO Gavin Hattersley said: “These are challenging times for the world and our company, and our priority is to ensure the safety of our people and the stability of our business.

“I’m proud of how resilient our people have been during this time, including the people who brew, package and ship our quality beers and keep our breweries and business running. I can’t thank them enough.

“I am also proud of how our teams are stepping up to take care of our communities who need our help more than ever.”

Additionally, the company has withdrawn its financial outlook for 2020 and beyond that was announced on 12 February.

Molson Coors has also donated $1m to the US Bartenders Guild, a non-profit organisation that supports bartenders and service industry professionals.

It also started producing hand sanitiser across its multiple breweries in order to meet the growing need for the product.

Earlier this month, Pernod Ricard USA said it will produce and donate hand sanitiser to help the US contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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