JobsOhio and the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Liquor Control have announced they will provide the bars and restaurants with a one-time rebate to defray the restocking costs high-proof spirituous liquor.

From the second half of this month, JobsOhio will offer a $500 rebate in high-proof spirituous liquor to eligible permits. This applies only for purchases made through Ohio Liquor Contract Liquor Agencies. The permit holders must also register to be eligible for a rebate.

JobsOhio president and chief investment officer JP Nauseef said: “The liquor rebate for Ohio’s bars and restaurants is part of ongoing efforts to support Ohio businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.

“Because JobsOhio’s business model is unlike any other in America, we have had the unique capability to commit up to $300m for similar initiatives since mid-March to help Ohioans when it is needed most.”

The Liquor Rebate Program is aimed to find innovative options that assist businesses in navigating the coronavirus pandemic crisis. It is part of a broad directive from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

Department of Commerce director Sherry Maxfield commented: “We know this has been an uncertain time for Ohio bars and restaurants.

“We hope this brings some relief as they plan for reopening. Our team and agency partners will continue to find ways to ease some of the burden.”

The rebates will be applied as soon as a permit holder places an order from their assigned Agency.

Over 13,600 eligible permits are in Ohio, totalling $6.8m in potential rebates available to bars and restaurants.