Alcoholic beverage producer Pernod Ricard USA will produce and donate hand sanitiser to help the US contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The decision was in response to Trump Administration’s call to action against the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Pernod Ricard USA said that sanitisers will be produced at all manufacturing sites and distilleries in the US, including its facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Smooth Ambler Spirits, Lewisburg, West Virginia, Rabbit Hole Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky and TX Whiskey Distillery located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Pernod Ricard North America chairman and CEO Ann Mukherjee said: “Our company is proud to support the efforts of the Administration and communities across the country in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Mukherjee credited federal officials including Dr Peter Navarro, assistant to the trade and manufacturing president for their role in helping the company to navigate through several regulatory requirements and obtain the necessary approvals to produce American-made hand sanitiser.

Mukherjee further added: “In coordination with Dr Navarro and the White House Task Force, we are utilising our network of American manufacturing sites to help curb the national shortage of hand sanitiser, which we will produce and donate for domestic use.

“The health and safety of our employees, and our communities, is our top priority. In times like this, it is important that everyone, especially companies with strong US roots, like ours, prioritise good corporate citizenship and step up in the name of the greater good.”

Currently, the alcoholic beverage producer is working with the US Government on plans for distribution of the hand sanitiser.

In addition to Pernod Ricard USA, other Pernod Ricard subsidiaries worldwide are also contributing to local efforts to fight the pandemic and help their communities.

In Sweden, the distillery that produces Absolut Vodka is offering spirits in large scale to produce hand sanitiser for public health care.

In Spain and Ireland, Pernod Ricard distillers have agreed to provide their technical, human and production facilities to authorities to produce hand sanitiser.

Earlier this month, Nordic alcoholic beverage company Altia announced that it will produce technical ethanol to tackle the shortage of hand sanitiser amid the Covid-19 outbreak.