Coca-Cola’s Venturing & Emerging Brand (VEB) unit has launched a new line of alcohol alternative adult sparkling drinks in the US.

Called Bar Nøne, Coca-Cola says the new alcohol-free drinks range is crafted with bar-inspired flavours and on-trend ingredients.

Bar Nøne general manager Sabrina Tandon worked with an external R&D agency to create Bar Nøne, working closely with beverage quality and scientific and regulatory affairs (SRA) teams to accelerate the launch. The team hired a freelance graphic designer to create the brand’s packaging and partnered with an East Coast co-packer and a local beer and wine distributor in Atlanta on the first small-batch run.

The bottled drinks contain between 70 to 130 calories and come in four different flavours: spiced ginger mule, Bellini spritz, dry-aged cider and sangria.

Studies show that 18% of US adults abstain from alcohol and 35% of regular drinkers look for non-alcoholic options.

From a survey of testers, 93% said they would buy the alcohol alternative and 78% said they would drink Bar Nøne without adding any alcohol.

Bar Nøne made its debut in October at the Taste of Atlanta festival, with nearly 3,000 festivalgoers trying the Coca-Cola alternative alcohol.

Bar Nøne is currently available in select stores, restaurants and speciality markets in Atlanta, US and is also available online.