US-based Catan has launched grape-based spirit Pisco, a traditional Chilean beverage.

To be available in the Chicago area, the product is made using organic grapes from Ovalle, Chile. Catan represents the brand in the US.

Catan Pisco founder and CEO Catalina Gaete said: “Pisco is Chile’s spirit of choice and has been the cornerstone of our culture for centuries. I’m proud to be of Chilean descent and our tradition of starting family meals with a pisco sour or sipping it neat with friends at a bar are memories I hold dear.

“Our vineyard in Ovalle, Chile, is fair trade and organic.”

“After years of research, cross-continent connecting, taste testing, designing and planning, it is time to start a pisco movement in Chicago.

This new grape-based spirit will be available at the Metropolitan Club, Eden Chicago, Tanta and The Mid America Club, as well as retailed at Binny’s stores in Lincoln Park later this month.

Gaete further added: “The goal has always been for Catan to connect the spirit of the south to its neighbours of the north. Our vineyard in Ovalle, Chile, is fair trade and organic. It has been so enthusiastic about Catan bringing Pisco to the US.

“With Catan, we can now bring the greater cocktail community to pisco, opening up new channels for engagement and education to the benefit of both the workforce we support in Chile and the Chicago consumer alike.”