Almost 100,000 gallons of red wine has been spilt into the Russian River from a tank at Rodney Strong Winery in California, the US.

According to Press Democrat, the cabernet sauvignon wine was in its final phase and ready to be bottled. However, it was spilt from the bottom of the tank in quantities enough to fill eight tanker trucks.

The wine that leaked from the tank entered into a storm drain attached to a sanitary sewer system, ending up in the river.

Rodney Strong spokesman Chris O’Gorman said: “We are deeply concerned and are doing everything in our power to protect our waterways.

“The main thing is to figure out what happened. At this point, we’re investigating it as mechanical failure and not an internal mistake.”

The Sonoma’s Governor’s Office of Emergency Services explained they were able to stop around 112 gallons of the cabernet sauvignon.

However, the officials apprehend that the spill could affect the quality of the waterway.

Currently, the company is working with the officials including the California Office of Emergency Response and local police departments and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It has also ordered an internal investigation.

Additionally, the company has contracted two vacuum trucks to clean the spill on-site and tried to dam off the Reiman Creek stop more wine getting into the river.