Scottish multinational brewery BrewDog has unveiled plans to offset the carbon footprint of all its employees to ensure all its team members are carbon negative.

The Scottish brewer explained that its new planet-saving employee perk would allow its team members to calculate their carbon footprint.

The company hopes that this will enable it to remove twice as much carbon from the air annually for which each of its team members is responsible for.

Last month, the company announced that it is the first carbon-negative international beer business.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “We are proud to be the world’s first carbon-negative beer business and are delighted to be one of the very first businesses to offer to offset all its employees’ carbon footprints.

“All BrewDog staff will have an app which allows them to understand their own carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our business and across our entire operation.

“This means BrewDog both as a company and as individuals are having a massively positive impact on the planet and helping drive the change that our world so badly needs.”

As part of this initiative, each BrewDog team member must calculate their carbon footprints through Pawprint system, which helps them to understand their overall carbon footprint.

The company added that the new tool will help its team members in minimising their impact on the environment via behavioural change and rewarding reductions in individuals carbon footprint.

This move is to help people understand that everything has a carbon footprint and impact on the planet.

To help people understand that everything has a carbon footprint and will have an impact on the planet, BrewDog has also set a target to offset the carbon ‘pawprints’ of its employees’ dogs.

After gathering data of the entire team footprint including all four-legged friends, BrewDog will double offset by implementing its gold standard carbon offset programmes, which have been approved by its carbon consultant Mike Berners-Lee.

Currently, the company is raising the final round of equity for its programme Punks Tomorrow to fund green infrastructure across its global business.

The company anticipates raising a maximum of £50m ($64m) through this programme.

In July, BrewDog revealed plans for beer a ‘drive-thru’ across the globe.