Scottish craft brewer BrewDog has unveiled its plans for new beer ‘drive-thru’ around the world.

The plan was announced by the company on its Twitter account.

BrewDog tweeted: “As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are going to open four @BrewDog Drive-Thrus.

“They will be beer collection points, hubs for electric vehicle deliveries & hubs for closed-loop, zero-waste packaging such as growlers, mini-kegs & returnable bottles.

“We are looking to open in the UK, in Columbus Ohio, in Berlin, Germany & in Brisbane Australia as we look to find ways to deliver cold, fresh craft beer direct to our customers in a way that is better for the planet.”

According to media reports, BrewDog’s new ‘drive-thru’ is expected to resemble a petrol filling station.

Earlier this week, Brewdog James Watt CEO announced on Linkedin about the company’s first Indian bar.

He said: “This is our first Indian bar which is currently under construction and opening soon in Kamala Mills, Mumbai.

“And we are really excited to announce we have secured locations for a further five BrewDog bars opening soon in Pune, Gurgaon (two), Bangalore & Mumbai.”

Further, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced this week decision to slash the VAT for hospitality services to 5%. The hospitality sector has been badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.