Global beer, spirits, and soft drinks company Asahi Beverages has announced that it will combine its two alcohol businesses Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) and Asahi Premium Beverages.

The combined business entity will be operating under Carlton & United Breweries name, expected for completion by this year’s fourth quarter.

Company chairman Peter Margin said: “Asahi Beverages is proud to be investing in Australia for the long-term. We have incredible confidence in the Australian market and the potential for long-term growth.”

Asahi added that the business will be offering its customers a wide range of Australian alcoholic drinks such as Asahi Super Dry, Great Northern, Carlton Draught, Peroni, Corona, VB, Carlton Dry, Pure Blonde, Mountain Goat, Vodka Cruiser, Somersby Cider, Woodstock Bourbon, the Yaks, Pirate Life, 4Pines and Balter.

Additionally, the merger of two business will see a reduction in the number of the company’s business divisions from four to three.

It added that move will not impact its non-alcohol business Asahi Lifestyle Beverages and Asahi Beverages New Zealand.

Asahi Beverages Oceania Group CEO Robert Iervasi said: “The combination of CUB and Asahi Premium Beverages will give our customers access to a leading portfolio which will deliver a superior customer experience and excite our consumers. It will also make it easier for our valued suppliers and partners to do business with us.

“We’re very pleased that Peter Filipovic will continue to lead CUB as CEO of our alcohol Business Division in Australia, joining Stuart Roberts CEO Asahi Lifestyle Beverages and Andrew Campbell CEO Asahi Beverages New Zealand.”

In another development, Irish alcohol beverages manufacturer C&C Group announced the merger of its two main operating businesses, C&C Gleeson and Bulmers.

The business entity will trade under a new name, Bulmers Ireland.