US-headquartered The Alkaline Water Company has increased its production capacity to meet the demand for its products.

The company explained that it has currently eight co-packer partnerships across the US, increased supply chain capabilities by two folds and reach agreements with local suppliers.

With these actions, the company has positioned itself to rapidly meet the increasing demand from retailers and consumers.

The Alkaline Water Company president and CEO Richard Wright said: “We are pleased to report that our entire supply chain is running effectively. In recent weeks we have significantly increased throughput, and demand for our products is at an all-time high across all categories.

“Currently, we have eight strategically located co-packing facilities with ample capacity to support demand. In most cases, we are the largest customer of our co-packers nationwide. As such, our co-packers have increased dedicated line-time across our facilities. In addition, some of the plants and supply chain providers are running 24/7.

“We also plan to bring on a new plant in May to give us additional capacity to meet the upcoming summer demand. With bottled water considered an ‘essential’ item, all our facilities remain fully operational, and we are committed to playing our role in thwarting this global pandemic.”

The Alkaline Water Company produces bottled alkaline water, flavoured-infused waters and CBD infused products. It sells them under various brands, including Alkaline88, A88 Infused and A88CBD.

Alkaline Board of Directors chairman Aaron Keay said: “We are currently operating in unprecedented times and are very aware of the challenges many of our consumers, retail partners, and shareholders could endure as a result of this challenging period.

“We are very well positioned in the water and CBD categories to fulfil our goal of becoming America’s trusted and go-to brand.

“In challenging economic times, we felt it’s important to thank our devoted colleagues, loyal shareholders, and dedicated industry partners as we look forward to executing upon these goals.”