Drinks Insight Network lists the top five terms tweeted on Wine Experts in November 2020, based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform. The top tweeted terms are the trending industry discussions happening on Twitter by key individuals (influencers) as tracked by the platform.

1. Wine Tasting – 222 mentions

California’s wine harvest to shrink in 2020 and how alcohol content determines aroma in wine were some popular topics discussed in November 2020. According to an article shared by Kelly Mitchell, a wine writer and blogger, the wine harvest in the US state of California is projected to reduce this year, due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and a slew of wildfires. However, the quality of wine will not be affected, even as the country is tackling wine surfeit issues, which triggered a slump in volume sales of various brands. While the state is home to 4,200 wineries, around 20 of them have been adversely affected by the wildfires, the article highlighted.

Wine tasting also trended in discussions shared by The Academic Wino, an oenology blog, about how the alcohol percentage in wine hugely influences aroma and flavour of the drink. Alcohol, especially ethanol, brings about a warming sensation inside the mouth, shaping perception about different aromas in wine. With the rise in ethanol content in wine, the fruity and floral aromas diminish and wood and pepper flavours increase, the article noted.

2. Vino – 211 mentions

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s (WSET) collaboration with Prowein to train young wine professionals and wine expert discussing his top pick for the week were some widely discussed topics last month. Wine Guru, a wine expert, shared an article about WSET and Prowein, an international wine trade fair, coming together for starting an initiative to coach and support emerging wine experts. Around 30 promising individuals in the initial stages of their professional career in the European Union wine industry, which includes UK, will be trained through WSET Level 2 Award in wines course. The individuals who are part of the the online course will have final exam at next year’s Prowein event, the article highlighted.

Other discussions surrounding vino included Joanna Simon, a wine expert, reviewing the wine of the week on her website. Simon picked Italian wine maker Terra Costantino’s De Aetna Bianco, a white wine manufactured in Etna in Sicily as the best wine for the third week in November. The wine is made of 80% Carricante and has a flavour of lime, orange and stone fruit. De Aetna Bianco can be complemented with different types of fish and vegetables, the article noted.

3. Wineries – 193 mentions

Mexican-American wineries mushrooming in California and South African winery-owned restaurant winning top award were some popularly discussed topics in November. According to an article shared by Alder Yarrow, a wine writer, wineries owned by Latinos are increasing by leaps and bounds across California. Mexican-Americans settled in California were part of the state’s wine industry for more than 200 years. The Latino-owned wineries are experiencing a renaissance, as the Mexicans were the first people to produce wine in California in the late 1800s. The Mexican community is indispensable to the state’s wine industry especially after the demand for seasoned vineyard workers revived around half a century ago, the article highlighted.

Another discussion related to wineries was shared by Michael Olivier, a wine and food commentator, about Durbanville Hills Winery’s Tangram Restaurant emerging number one under the best winery restaurant category at the Die Burger Readers Competition. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the restaurant is renowned for its magnificent view of the Table Mountain and Table Bay mountain ranges, apart from providing the best gastronomic delights to guests, the article noted.

4. Champagne – 192 mentions

Rise in champagne sales in Los Angeles and UK wine estate being awarded the top international prize at a wine competition were some widely discussed topics during last month. John Corcoran, founder of WineOptics, a marketing solutions firm, shared an article about champagne sales surging in Los Angeles on the back of US President-elect Joe Biden’s successful presidential campaign. The wine shops across the city recorded significant increase in champagne sales as people took to the streets to celebrate Biden’s victory in the closely fought race to the White House, the article highlighted.

Champagne was also discussed in an article shared by Wine Guru about Langham Wine Estate winning the top prize at a global wine competition, eclipsing leading champagne brands. The UK-based wine maker won the coveted International Wine & Spirit Competition Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year 2020. The wine maker was chosen the best among more than 700 entries from across the globe for its remarkable quality and wide range of sparkling wines, the article noted.

5. Vineyard – 171 mentions

Vineyards using an app to increase their efficiency and Californian red wine maker to release single vineyard wine were some popular topics discussed in November 2020.,  According to an article shared by Joanna Simon, Italy’s Cavit co-operative group launched PICA (Piattaforma Integrata Cartografica Agriviticola), a comprehensive mapping platform to connect wine growers. The PICA app contains information about soils, grape, variety, age of vines and cultivation methods of various vineyards. The comprehensive images of vineyards can be accessed using the PICA platform from computers, smartphones and tablets to rectify issues and receive wine cultivation updates in real time. PICA was created with the intent of enhancing wine quality and improving sustainability, the article highlighted.

Another discussion surrounding vineyard was shared by Michelle Williams, a freelance wine writer, about a California-based Pinot Noir producer releasing a wine made at a single vineyard, after it aged for almost ten years. The Taylor Lane Vineyard located off the Sonoma Coast of California is planted with Pinot Noir grapes. This is the first time the owner of the vineyard is releasing a bottle fully manufactured at the vineyard. The magnum of Belle Glos wine bottle was cellared at the vineyard in suitable conditions since 2011, the article noted.