Drinks Insight has named the top wine influencers in the beverages industry with the help of GlobalData.

1) Ken Alawine

Bio: Ken is a US-based wine expert who spends his days discussing wine and food pairings and the appropriate wines for any party. Other than wine, Ken frequently tweets about sugary drinks, cocktails, bloggers, fermented drinks and garlic juice.

  • Twitter followers: 110,526
  • GlobalData influencer score: 100

2) Peter Dickens

Bio: Peter logs his life through red, white and rosé wine with frequent updates about his tasting invitations. His latest tasting was at the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London, which was held to celebrate the release of the 2015 Vérité wines.

  • Twitter followers: 20,463
  • GlobalData influencer score: 83

3) Frankie Cook

Bio: Frankie is a freelance writer with his own wine blog, particularly dedicated to sparkling wine. He reviews numerous wines including San Polo Brunello di Montalcino, Nyetimber Classic Cuvée MV and Château Moncontour Vouvray Sec 2017 and plans to offer these wines for purchase in the near future. He also holds wine tasting events.

  • Twitter followers: 18,234
  • GlobalData influencer score: 59

4) Robert Joseph

Bio: Robert is a consumer wine writer and has vast experience of the international wine industry. He entered wine service in his parents’ hotel in England from a young age before living in Burgundy’s Hautes Cotes and learning about climate, soil, grape-growing and winemaking. He also launched the Wine International Magazine and became a wine correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph.

  • Twitter followers: 28,476
  • GlobalData influencer score: 57

5) Julien Miquel

Bio: If searching for the top 100 famous wine names in alphabetical order or the 25 most expensive Italian wines, Julien Miguel has the answers. The winemaker, blogger and YouTuber loves to share his passion and knowledge of wine with simple and engaging content.

  • Twitter followers: 250,248
  • GlobalData influencer score: 56

6) Amy Lieberfarb

Bio: The Sip on this Juice editor and social media programme host uses both platforms to demonstrate her love of wine. Sip on this Juice is about Amy’s daily travels and her social media platform, called #SonomaChat is a weekly wine education forum featuring guests. Amy also frequents wine events and seminars.

  • Twitter followers: 125,491
  • GlobalData influencer score: 56

7) Fiona Beckett

Bio: Fiona writes about drinks for the Guardian and considers herself to be a ‘food and wine pairing guru’. She has her own online resource for pairings, which features articles like ‘10 great wine pairings with salmon’ and ‘how to mull wine: what you need to know’.

  • Twitter followers: 42,068
  • GlobalData influencer score: 55

8) Jon Thorsen

Bio: Jon, who refers to himself as the Reverse Wine Snob, says, “Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.” He aims to ‘turn wine snobbery upside down’ and offers online advice on how to purchase and drink good, yet affordable wine. His online website provides a unique approach to a wine rating system, where the score rating goes down as the price of a bottle goes up.

  • Twitter followers: 245,873
  • GlobalData influencer score: 55

9) Jamie Goode

Bio: Jamie is a London-based award-winning wine writer with his own online magazine. He offers resources to those who are new to the wine industry and for the more experienced wine connoisseurs. Jamie is also a columnist for The Sunday Express.

  • Twitter followers: 46,198
  • GlobalData influencer score: 54

10) Fabien Laine

Bio: Fabien Laine has several honours and awards, from Top 40 Wine Influencers & Bloggers in the Digital World of Wine to Best Tuscan Wine Lover of 2013. He writes blog posts on selling wine online and travels frequently.

  • Twitter followers: 17,006
  • GlobalData influencer score: 54

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