Craft cocktail brand Vacay has announced its partnership with leading UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, which will stock Vacay’s ready-to-drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages from this June. Vacay offers consumers a natural and high-quality drink that is gluten-free and vegan, satisfying several criteria for UK shoppers. With supermarkets being the most popular channel for UK consumers to purchase alcoholic drinks through, this strategic move is important for the recognition and exposure of independent brands in their bid to compete with global corporations in the RTD alcohol market.

According to Vacay, one in ten UK consumers who drink alcohol ‘occasionally’ or ‘regularly’ prefer to shop from small or independent brands in this category. Vacay’s unique selling points gives it a competitive edge on the shelves, with the reputability of Sainsbury’s backing reassuring consumers and encouraging them to experiment with smaller brands.

The market for RTD alcoholic beverages is growing, with consumers demanding convenience and on-the-go compatibility from the alcohol category. Vacay’s cocktails are canned and, therefore, a suitable option for consuming when out and about. The two main benefits of canned RTD cocktails are that they are premixed and portion-controlled, creating a convenient and tailored solution for on-the-go or home occasions. In addition, the unique formulations and high-quality ingredients used for the varieties of cocktail flavours create a high sensory appeal that is often difficult to replicate outside of a bar.

According to Vacay, sealed and packaged alcohol products are very or somewhat appealing to 59% of UK consumers compared with freshly prepared products, due to convenience and accessibility factors that align with changing consumer lifestyles. GlobalData’s 2021 Q1 Consumer Survey found that how well a product aligns with time and money constraints is influential to 79% of UK consumers who drink alcohol ‘regularly’ or ‘occasionally’, highlighting the demand for speed and convenience in this category.

Vacay’s craft cocktails bring uniqueness and excitement to UK supermarket shelves, with quirky branding and signature flavours. Not only do the canned cocktails use the highest quality spirits, but they use natural colours and flavourings, which could appeal to health-conscious consumers. GlobalData research has found that 38% of UK consumers think that good value for money in the alcohol category is represented by high-quality products and ingredients, making this unique selling point a significant one to satisfy. UK consumers are also significantly influenced by how enjoyable or unique a product is, particularly those who consume alcohol regularly or occasionally, with 87% of consumers being influenced by this to an extent.

Vacay is satisfying many consumer demands in the alcoholic beverage market, from quality to convenience, and its acknowledgement and backing by Sainsbury’s highlight the increasing demand and exposure for independent brands in this category.

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