iD Fresh Food, a Bengaluru-based food products company, is tempting the palate of Indian coffee connoisseurs with three new blends of its pioneering instant filter coffee liquid. The ‘Strong’ variant is a traditional mix of 70% coffee with 30% chicory, while ‘Bold’ is composed of 80% coffee and 20% chicory, and ‘Intense’ is a 100% pure coffee blend.

In 2018, iD Fresh Food took the market by surprise by launching ‘iD Instant Filter Coffee Liquid’ – its take on the classic South Indian filter coffee. iD’s liquid coffee in its easy-to-pour pouches stood apart from the typical powdered instant coffee products sold in the market. The company said it uses a home-style recipe made using single-origin coffee beans and chicory and without any artificial additives or sugars. The product soon struck a chord with time-crunched and convenience-driven urban consumers in metros and other major cities.

The popularity of the instant filter coffee has remained unfettered even by the coronavirus outbreak, as consumers gulped down more coffee while cocooning at home during the anti-pandemic lockdown or while working from home. This resonates with the findings of Week 11 (2-6 December) of GlobalData’s 2020 COVID-19 Recovery Consumer Survey, wherein 71% of consumers in India said they were buying coffee in the same or more quantities than before the pandemic. GlobalData attributes this trend to the consumer desire for comfort foods amid the uncertainty created by the Covid-19 outbreak, aligning with iD Fresh Food’s own research.

Moreover, 70% of consumers have stopped going or are going slightly / significantly less frequently to cafés and coffee shops before the outbreak of Covid-19. iD Instant Filter Coffee Liquid’s easy-to-prepare format can prove a boon for such consumers who are wary of venturing out to cafés or restaurants for a cup of filter coffee, and thereby attempting to recreate their favoured decoction at home without a fuss. Once consumers get accustomed to the instant liquid coffee, it can be hard to switch back to powdered coffee. This can be one among the habits they picked up during the pandemic that can stick as part of the ‘new normal’ even after the pandemic subsides.

iD Fresh Food developed the three new blends inspired by feedback from fans of its iD Instant Filter Coffee Liquid. The new launches are competitively priced at INR5 (US$0.07), keeping in mind that consumers emerging from the pandemic are poised to be price sensitive. Besides being sold through retail stores, the new launches are being made available through e-commerce portals, including Amazon and Big Basket – a strategic move given that more consumers have gotten used to online shopping during Covid-19.

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