Alcoholic beverages producer Beam Suntory has announced the divesture of Windsor Canadian Whisky brand to the US-based Prestige Beverage Group.

Financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Claimed to be one of the top-selling Canadian Whiskies in the US, Windsor is produced using premium grains grown near Calgary, Alberta and the glacial born waters of Western Canada.

Prestige Beverage Group general manager and CMO Scott Schilling said: “Windsor is a historic and beloved brand with deep roots and loyal consumers, which makes it the perfect addition to our growing wine and spirits portfolio.

“Windsor has an incredible track record, and our team is excited for continued growth.”

Under the deal, Windsor will continue to be produced by Alberta Distillers and distributed across the US, Canada as well as other markets.

With the completion of the transaction, Windsor will join Prestige’s lineup of spirit brands, which includes Kinky Beverages, INDOGGO Gin, Joia Spirit and The Whistler Irish Whiskey.

In March 2018, Prestige Beverage Group added Mezcal Nucano to its portfolio.

Mezcal Nucano is created using traditional techniques. The plant agave is harvested by hand and then roasted in a conical earth oven for five days and the resulting mixture is pressed using a stone wheel pulled by a horse.

The liquid is then fermented in wooden barrels using wild yeast then twice distilled in a small copper pot heated directly over a wood fire.