US-based brewery Wild Leap Brew has launched a new line-up of handcrafted beers.

Located in LaGrange, Georgia, Wild Leap Brew is an independent brewery that manufactures top-shelf craft beer while exploring new brewing techniques, ingredients and flavours.

This year, the company has released Alpha Abstraction Volume 1, Sunvale Blueberry Lemon and Alpha Abstraction Volume 2 to the Atlanta market.

“Wild Leap has increased its brewing capacity and staff count to help meet rising demand.”

Launched in June this year, Alpha Abstraction Volume 1 is the company’s first in its experimental double India pale ale (IPA) series. It contains Loral and Citra hops, as well as tropical and stone fruit flavours.

Sunvale Blueberry Lemon is a light and fruity ale and the company’s second beer in its Sunvale series. The beverage is designed to complement fruity flavours.

Earlier this month, the company introduced Alpha Abstraction Volume 2, which is a double dry-hopped beer with Galaxy and Citra hops. Wild Leap also increased its brewing capacity and staff count to help meet rising demand.

As part of its brewery expansion, the company added a 90-barrel fermentation tank, which increased its annual brewing capacity to 8,000 barrels.

In addition, the company will be introducing a new packaging design to complement the brewery’s expansion into the Athens, Gainesville, and Augusta markets of Georgia, US.