Vext Science has sealed an agreement to produce and sell SōRSE Technology’s cannabis-infused beverages, called MAJOR, in the US state of Arizona.

MAJOR contains is a high dose tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) beverage, with no taste or smell of cannabis. It is available in five flavours including orange mango, pink lemonade, blue raspberry, passion fruit and grape.

Containing 100mg of THC, the beverages are offered in 200ml packs.

Vext expects to begin selling MAJOR beverages in August.

Under the agreement, SōRSE will offer all know-how and formulations for the creation of MAJOR beverages.

As per the agreement, Vext will provide licensed space for the production and storage of products, and produce beverages for sale.

Vext will pay an initial royalty of $100,000, as well as a fixed price for SōRSE emulsion.

It will also pay a fixed price per unit produced to SōRSE.

Additionally, Vext will also have the option to manufacture SōRSE’s other existing formulations or use SōRSE emulsions for developing other products under the Vapen brand, for which it has agreed to pay a royalty to SōRSE.

Vext CEO Eric Offenberger said: “SōRSE’s proprietary infusion technology and know-how, powers some of the top cannabis beverage brands in the US today and we are excited to announce this deal to bring MAJOR beverages, produced and sold by Vapen, to consumers in Arizona.

“Our in-house Vapen brand is consistently one of the top brands in Arizona, with prominent placement in both our operated Phoenix dispensaries, as well as the vast majority of third-party dispensaries in the state.

“Beverages are a key growth segment and will round out Vapen’s offering of concentrates, extracts, edibles, vapes, topicals and tinctures.”